mR. bERZERKELEY II: Big Games, Big Lies, Big Decisions

 Jim Sain’s star is rising! Life in Berkeley is as colorful as ever, and now, his life is even more bizarre than before— just like he likes it.

 Despite his madness, buff oonery, and lefty leanings, Berkeley’s zany mayor continues to be a media darling. Back for more, Jack McLaughlin’s love song for Berkeley continues in  i  mR. bERZERKELEY II.

 Jim’s trying his best to navigate the waters, but Big Game antics and even bigger lies spun by his enemies are making it a rough crossing. And now that he’s a father, he’s out to lead the willing and find solutions for all the many challenges he now faces—including a few surprises.

 His life is filled with real characters, as the expression goes: Nymphomaniac Jasmine is leading Josh toward the altar, while the pregnant Babe has escaped to Kansas, leaving Winnie to handle Hamilton House alone. Freshman Sarah changes lifestyles—again—and lesbian lovers Stephanie and Judy want to experience motherhood. Mysterious Michael and his mother, the evil vice chancellor, continue their hatred toward each other. Asia’s bordello past and a murder put her future (and the chancellor’s reputation) in danger. Former boarder Ainsley Bassette reappears on the scene; Bessie faces a life-or-death operation; and now, Trojan’s fighting a deadly battle with coyotes.

 Toss in a little naked windsurfing on Southern California beaches and a trip to Disneyland, and you’ve got another exciting installment of wacky mR. bERZERKELEY adventures.


Writing mR. bERZERKELEY, and several episodes which will follow, over the past two years has been an exhilarating experience. To feel uninhibited like the fictional Mayor Sain and be able to express myself as if I were back in the sixties has been super. The material will never appear on an approved school reading list, I realize that. And I apologize to my fellow educators for whom I have served for several decades and have the greatest respect. I also apologize to my friends and associates in Berkeley for any toes that they feel are stepped on. I hope that those who are brave enough to wade into the tangled web that is mR. bERZERKELEY have fun and enjoy how the characters get themselves in to and out of trouble and conflict. Life can be fun and writing this book has proven that to me and, I hope, to those that enjoy “mR. bERZERKELEY: The Naked Mayor of Berkeley.”